reasons to choose la cupola

Top 5 reasons to choose La Cupola


design - five reasons to choose La Cupola

One of the first reasons to choose La Cupola Ristorante is the impressive design. Hardly can you find in Iasi anything similar.

The design is elegant, fluid, inviting you in, yet keeping the rest of the world out once you step inside.

The tables are set in such a way that you can find a nice, cozy corner (or couch) if you want to talk to a friend or a round table if you have a business meeting.

I also appreciate the high-chairs for babies. Very considerate.


Tablecloths scrubbed, tables spotless, cutlery, glasses, plates the same. It looks inviting and makes you expect great service .


I had a pizza a while ago … it was one of the best I’ve ever eaten. Ditto for the coffee.

As for the price, I would say it’s fair, considering the quality and the entire dining experience you get by going there.

Even if you cannot afford to spend very much on eating out, I think it’s worth doing it less often, but choosing a place like this, where you know you get good value for your money.


This really makes a difference – there are just so many places where the music or the TV is way too loud. I can’t stand it.

The whole idea behind dining out with your friends or family is to enjoy the time spent together, to talk to each other – not to scream your words over loud music or stare at the TV.

La Cupola is different. The music is just loud enough to create a pleasant ambiance, making it possible to have a normal conversation, or to just enjoy the sounds if you’d rather be quiet.


Maybe one of the main reasons I got to like La Cupola Ristorante so much is the people making this business run. I had no idea how much work is involved behind this neat, spotless image of the restaurant.

Choosing the ingredients, preparing the food and have it served to the customers, keeping everything clean and pleasant in the same time it’s a process that involves teamwork, a lot of communication and the ability to solve unexpected problems without delay.

I have to say this new perspective made me gain more respect for all the people involved in bringing food to my table and motivated me to write this post.